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We are in the industry for over 42 years; this experience has allowed us to grow and deliver you some of the best quality products just with the click of a button. We will make sure that the products delivered are of high quality and accurate.

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Fruit Box

Subscribe to our fruit box and get access to fresh fruits which were abundant in the season.

Winter Box

Want something cosy for your winter; we will get you through all the trouble of planning your meal every day.

Seasonal Salad Mix

Give yourself some rest; we will make sure that you have access to some of the best salads blends send directly to you.

Mini Fruit & Veg Box

We have some of the best fruit and vegetable box, which will allow you to enjoy various different kinds of seasonal food.


We only use fertilisers which are organic and produced by organic means which will allow you to enjoy the best fertilisers.

Organic Seeds

We strive to be as organic as possible to help deliver you the right products ready for consumption.

Farming Industry

We want to provide our bit of help which will ensure that farmer can have a stable income through our help.

We also include a weekly newsletter, with information about organic production and food issues, as well as recipes and nutritional ideas to help you get the most out of the very best.

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We have some of the best farm-raised chicken which you can enjoy with the fear of enhancing chemicals.

Nutritional Properties

The nutritional property can help ensure that you stay in your best, this is one of the main reasons that we are in the industry for more than 45 years.

Weaning Recipes

We also have some of the best recipes which is specially made for the weaning, which will ensure that you and your child stay healthy.

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Why You Need to go Organic

Why You Need to go Organic

The aspect of going organic needs to be trending and people from all over the world need to realize the same. Individuals should be able to look at the downside of the conventional methods and how it manages to kill our systems through time. Understanding this need sooner or later brings forward various kinds of benefits, and we are here to tell you all about it. So to be shed more light on the same, here’s why you need to go organic.

1. An Industry Driven by Pesticides


The kind of chemicals that manufacturers use these days are harmful to humans in so many ways. These toxic substances have the power to kill us over time, and we tend to follow the same path without being aware of the same. Since pests are all around during the growing stages, farmers and other individuals resort to these methods of treatment. For this purpose, the best solution at hand is going organic, and we need to realize that very fact. By doing so, you need not worry about chemicals since they will no longer affect you.

2. Our Planet

By going organic, you tend to support our planet since organic farming pushes forward the idea of harmony with nature. It protects the soil and crop rotation, keeping farmland as healthy as possible. In this manner, all kinds of species will be able to play their role and ecosystem will head in the right direction. The future will be secure, and individuals will be aware of the methods that are needed to make matters effective. Hence, go organic for our planet.

3. Agricultural Diversity

According to the latest estimates, about 75% of the genetic diversity of crops has been lost in the last century. This is a move that tends to script the formula for devastation because we rely on specific varieties of a given food. So the idea about diversity goes out the window, burdening the agricultural sector. As a move to bring back things, you require a method called crop rotation, and it is commonly associated with organic farming. This particular method goes a long way in bringing back diversity and putting options at the table.

4. Pollution, soil and water

Numerous chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers that are used in farming tend to contaminate our environment, thereby, poisoning water and destroying farmlands. These methods leave more damage than what was anticipated, and if we plan on moving further in this manner, things will only go worse. Thus by prescribing to certified organic standards, you are making the right move that will eliminate all these problems. Hence, understand the issue at hand and act now for all the right reasons.

Top Reasons Why You Need to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Top Reasons Why You Need to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables has always been known to land us at the wrong place. At times, we tend to go by demand and need, completely ignoring the aspect of health. So to set things back, we need to follow the right path, and in this context, it needs to be the farmer’s market. If you are not getting where we are going, then here are some of the top reasons why you need to shop at the farmer’s market.

1. Fresh Produce

A unique and essential aspect that differentiates the farmer’s market from the rest is the freshness of newly packed products. Most of the vegetables and fruits tend to be the ones that are harvested on the very same day. So by opting to buy from this particular place, we are going to consume fresh fruits and vegetables that are free from all kinds of problems. Unlike the store or the supermarket, produce is not stored for a long time, and fresh stock will come in every day.

2. A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Opting for the farmer’s market tends to bring another benefit in the form of a healthy lifestyle. These fruits and vegetables are quite rich in nutrients since they are in their natural state. This means that chemicals and pesticides are far away from the subject, keeping matters safe and protective. Thus, by consuming them, everything will head in the right direction.

3. Support Sustainable Agriculture

Another important part of choosing the farmer’s market is the aspect of agriculture. This particular market brings you directly in contact with the farmer’s who grew the crops. So the idea of a middleman gets eliminated, and the steps taken by large corporations go out the window. At this market, you can find variety since they do not follow the same old tactics of demand enforced by different kinds of stores and supermarkets. Apart from that, these farmers also travel short distances with their produce, thus leaving out transportation problems.

Sustainable Agriculture

4. Taste and Durability

Choosing between the farmer’s market and the supermarket is like deciding between taste and durability. As we mentioned before, the farmer’s market saves up on transportation and other essential aspects. So the produce that they bring not only remains fresh and healthy but also tasty. On the other hand, supermarkets need to keep their products durable since they go through an extended process of transportation, storage, and so on. So their products are durable and thus, they score fewer points when it comes to taste and nutrients. Although they follow different kinds of storage methods, nobody can guarantee that these products will retain freshness. Hence, make a better choice for all the right reasons.

7 Essential Fruits That Need to be Bought Organic

7 Essential Fruits That Need to be Bought Organic

Through time, we have heard plenty of stories about the conventional methods of buying fruits and vegetables. At first, they didn’t occur to be true until individuals came forward with facts and proof. Since then, the need for going organic has been considered, and people seem to be taking a dedicated approach to the same. But we are not here for them. Instead, we are here to share some important piece of information about the ones who still go by the old rules. So to help you understand, here are some essential fruits and vegetables that need to be bought organic.

1. Apples

The bright colour on the outer layer of an apple is driven by pesticides in order to increase sales in the context of appeal. This trick has worked in the past, making apples the highest pesticide-induced fruit. Since we do not want all this to get into our system, it is better and safer to go the organic way for apples.

2. Strawberries

Apart from apples, strawberries are another set of fruits that have been linked to pesticides. In fact, the situation is so bad that these pesticides residue contains chemicals that could lead you to cancer and reproductive damage. Such chemicals which are banned in Europe, manage to find its way through other world markets, ultimately leaving you in a bad state. Hence, switch to organic before it’s too late.


3. Peaches

Like humans, pests too are a fan of peaches, and as a result, farmers put in pesticides in order to drive them away. These toxic chemicals are also harmful and linked to various kinds of diseases.

4. Grapes

This delicious fruit is also known for its pesticide driven mode of treatment, making matters worse, since a considerable population consumes the same. So by going organic, you are not only helping yourself but helping the planet from all kinds of problems.

5. Cherries

Manufacturers tend to follow dirty tricks when the right season comes. As a move to keep up demand and sales, they push in Cherries with pesticides. This raises their income and reduces your lifespan.


6. Nectarines

Formetanate Hydrochloride is a pesticide that is quite common since it is associated with Nectarines. These chemicals tend to enter such fruits and later your body. Based on estimates from various forms of research, these pesticides show up over 53% of the time.

7. Tomatoes

An organic tomato can make matters smooth and fill your life with all the essentials ingredients that you require for good health. Since their thin protective layer cannot keep germs and pests away, manufacturers resort to the apparent mode of treatment. These pesticides tend to include 12 suspected hormone disruptors that can cause numerous problems.

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