fresh from our fields this week

We’ve been growing organic veg since 1987 and offer a whole range of veg, fruit, meat and more, fresh from our farm. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Choose from the pick of this week’s crops, grown for flavour.

organic recipe boxes

dinner sorted

Everything you need to create 3 inspiring meals from scratch.

organic chocolate buttons

chocolate stash

Big buttons of smooth, organic award-winning chocolate.

Milk chocolate buttons 180g
organic black seedless grapes

black seedless grapes

Seedless black grapes 350g

Crisp and juicy with a delicate plummy flavour. Toss into salads, smoothies and sorbets - or enjoy as a healthy sweet treat.

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organic carrots

carrots with crunch

Carrots 1kg

Traditionally grown for the very best flavour. Roast until caramelised to bring out their sweetness or eat raw, dunked in your favourite dip.

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organic meat

quick and easy meatbox

Quick & easy meatbox

Rustle up quick and tasty after-work suppers with the minimum of fuss. These cuts of meat are quick to cook, full of flavour and great value for money.

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